Westin Automotive Celebrates 35 Years in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

March 8, 2012 Westin Automotive
It was 1977, a year when a slew of innovative technology and capitalism in America was booming. AppleTM sold it's second computer version, the Apple II; The Department of Defense designed the pre-curser to today's GPS system; Elvis passed away; and Westin Automotive Products sold it's first set of Westin branded Nerf Step Bars.

By the late 70's, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Chrysler Corporation had begun to implement new technology and it started to show. As new model trucks were being mass produced across the nation, the founders of Westin Automotive Products saw a need before their eyes and invested in a concept, a product, an idea. An idea, they were right about. 

From its inception, Westin Automotive's primary objective was to provide a quality product that functioned. It wasn't until years later that the concept of a Nerf Step Bar as a restyling product became a reality. As years passed, the concept gave way to the first Westin branded Grille Guard. 

Classic Grille Guard
With Nerf Step Bars and Grille Guards on the manufacturing list of products, it became a matter of aesthetic necessity to provide options with respect to design. In 35 years, Westin has introduced the largest variety of Nerf Step Bars and Running Boards, Grille Guards, Bull Bars and Light Bars to market than any of its competition. 
The Original Ultimate Bull Bar
As new vehicle models were released into the market and existing vehicles underwent design changes, it created new applications across the board for Westin products. Westin intends to be there and continue to provide products that fit, look good, and last! 

Westin Celebrates 35 years in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry
Today, Westin continues to design and engineer new products while continually building its application base for existing product lines. In 2010, Westin introduced its new MAX Winch Mounting SystemIn 2011, it introduced its commercial grade line of products HDX. 
HDX Commercial Grade Grille Guard
New Nerf Step Bars have taken on a whole new look to meet the needs of street and off-road enthusiast. At the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV, Westin introduced the new generation of Nerf Step Bars - The GenX Oval Tube Nerf Step Bar
The new generation of Nerf Step Bars - GenX Oval Tube

Westin has earned its place in the industry. Design, engineering, production, packaging, shipping, distribution, marketing, and making sales - All part of the difference a Westin product makes. Westin knows that when it comes to your vehicle, Brand and Quality MATTER!

Westin Automotive Products has been a member of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) for 35 years. 

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